PoreVac V2.0™ Blackhead Remover, Pore Cleaning, Beautiful Skin

Say Goodbye to Clogged Pores!

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PoreVac V2.0: Beautiful skin in minutes

The PoreVac is the #1 dermatologist recommended blackhead and pore vacuum. Its gentle motions and rejuvenating function are featured in three different suctions modes to suit your skin type. Easy to use, clean your face in a few minutes per day, and look your best everyday!

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Clear Skin at an Affordable Price

We all know skincare products are EXPENSIVE. Now there is no more need to dish out hundreds of dollars on these wallet-busting products that don't even work. Here at PoreVac, we strive to provide quality products that actually work, at a low price. See the difference in your face AND your wallet.

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1. Does the PoreVac V2.0 work only for blackheads?

No! It works on your entire face, including your forehead, cheeks, chin, and all surrounding areas. You will soon notice your skin looking clear and with a beautiful shine.

2. How does the PoreVac V2.0 work?

First, you need to plug it in and charge it well with the attached USB plug. Once it is well charged, simply turn on and select one of three levels of strength. You will immediately notice your pores being "sucked" or vacuumed and will see gunk and dead skin being pulled from your pores and into the detachable heads of the PoreVac V2.0.

3. What does the PoreVac V2.0 come with?

As seen in the pictures, it comes with the main machine along with 5 replaceable heads with each head having a specific function.

4. Is it easy to clean? How is maintenance overall?

The PoreVac V2.0 is extremely easy to clean. Simply rinse out the dirt and dead skin from the heads, and we recommend disinfecting them with alcohol to ensure sterility.

5. How long does delivery take to arrive?

We strive to send it out asap, and we aim to get it to you by 21 days. It takes this amount of time in order to ensure the best prices possible.